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Alessandro Valente, co-founder and CEO

“Super Afiliados has partnerships with 15 operators and 2,500 affiliates delivering traffic”

Alessandro Valente, renowned businessman in the gaming sector in Brazil, attended ICE London, where he set up a stand with business partners to explore all the possibilities of the event. To GMB, the CEO of Super Afiliados commented on the importance of the affiliation area, the strength of his company in the field and attested: “Regulation is fundamental for the country, but not for our business.”

GMB – Being at ICE London is very important, isn't it?
Alessandro Valente
– It is fundamental. ICE is the mother of all events, and as you know, the industry depends on this event to drive so much business. For me, it is very important and I have been coming for many years. For those who don't know, come, as it is the main industry event in the world. For us at Super Afiliados, it is very important to be here. And with a physical presence this year, since we have a shared stand, in an initiative of ours in which we invited some partner companies to take part.

With regard to partnerships, ICE allows just that. How are Super Afiliados' partnerships in the iGaming market going?
Better and better. Today we have around 15 operators plugged into the operation and more than 2,500 affiliates delivering traffic, with numbers I never thought possible in Brazil. We deliver 30, 40 and sometimes 50 thousand new depositors per month. That is a phenomenal achievement.

Affiliation is still something new in Brazil, unlike Europe, where it is already consolidated. Was it an ant job?
I would say that this concept increased after Flávio Raimundo launched Afiliados Brasil, one of the biggest affiliation events in Latin America. With that, it began to generate more volume of people interested in this market. Now, from the traditional market and sales of infoproducts, many are migrating to the betting and casino games sector.

Increasingly present in the affiliation system for the iGaming sector?
Increasingly present and adapting the strategies that affiliates and digital marketers used for the infoproduct, now bringing it to the gaming industry.

How do you evaluate the Brazilian market in terms of affiliation and expectations regarding the regulation of sports betting?
Personally, I'd rather it stay as it is for another hundred years. For Super Afiliados, working with Brazilian companies is almost impossible. National companies or those focused on Brazil, in most cases, do not understand anything. I would prefer it to go unregulated. But for the good of the country, job creation and taxes, it would be an interesting path. For my company and that of other competitors in the affiliate industry, regulation is likely to destroy the market for years to come.

Is regulation essential for the industry as a whole?
I wouldn't say fundamental, but it is important. Each country has its sovereignty and of course its taxation, with tax collection and generation of local jobs. It already generates jobs, informal or non-formal. Today, foreign companies with units in Brazil adopt some strategies, such as marketing agencies or create a CNPJ for this. In other words, they end up creating jobs. But it will get better for the Brazilian nation and, for that reason, I defend regulation with Brazil in mind. For the affiliation business it will certainly be horrible.

Source: Exclusive GMB