SÁB 2 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2023 - 02:29hs.
With a premium of 170%

Paybrokers and Skilrock win Lotepar's auction for lottery control platform

The consortium formed by Paybrokers and Skilrock won the electronic auction for contracting a platform to control lottery activities for the Paraná State Lottery. In the bidding, the two companies offered a transfer of 18% on the volumes transacted by the system, a premium of 170% of the value estimated by the government of Paraná.

The consortium formed by PayBrokers, one of the largest payment system companies operating in the gaming and betting market, and Skilrock, the leading company in lottery operations in India and with a global presence, won the bid to hire a company to supply a control platform of lottery activities integrated with a payment system to manage, regulate and control the financial flow of future Lotepar (Paraná State Lottery) operators.

The contract is for 20 years and the consortium presented a proposal of 18% transfer on the values transacted in the system, a premium of 170%, since the minimum value estimated by the government of Paraná state in the announcement of the Electronic Auction 2306/2022 was 6, 67% on transactions.

Future operators will pay 3% on the value of their customers' deposits and 1% on withdrawals to Lotepar. The transfer value of 18% on the transacted volumes proposed by the PayBrokers/Skilrock consortium fell on the estimated total.

Source: GMB