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Fred, Brazilian national team former striker

“Cartola is fantastic as it involves fans with scout and analysis like in real football”

At the launch of Cartola 2023, Fred, a former striker for the Brazilian national team and at important teams such as América, Cruzeiro and Atlético, in Minas Gerais, and Fluminense (RJ), where he retired, spoke to GMB about Globo's fantasy game. “I already suffered at Cartola's hands with the pressure from the crowd, but I always played.” According to him, the product “is fantastic and has scout and data analysis like in real football.”

Fred, the former striker for the Brazilian national team and for important Brazilian clubs such as América, Cruzeiro, Atlético and Fluminense, in addition to passing through Lyon, in France, currently directs the sports planning area at Flu and is an ambassador for the fantasy games Cartola and Cartola Express, from Grupo Globo.

During the release of the 2023 version of the product, he spoke to GMB, saying that he suffered a lot from the pressure of the fans. “But I always played and when I was good, I climbed. Now, I've joined Cartola as a brand ambassador and I'm learning a lot from the people who developed the product.”

According to him, “the most interesting thing is that everything is moving in a very serious and professional way, which already exists in real football, such as scout, analysis of games and athletes.”

One of the most selected players while he was active, Fred said that “without the pressure, because if I miss a goal or a penalty, the hatters will not bug me on social networks, I want to select my team and give good tips. Brazilians are special because everyone understands football and that's why Cartola is a success,” he said.

He learned at the launch event of the 2023 edition of Cartola that he was the highest scorer in the history of the fantasy game. “It is an honor for me. I didn't know I had made so much history at Cartola and it's really cool to be able to represent the game.”

About the seriousness in football, Fred stated that Cartola allows expanding this, “because football lovers, or any sport, where there is interaction, love and passion, people feel participating in this process, and it is interesting to see them participating, getting involved and escalating their teams.”

During the launch of Cartola, Fred cast some stars, such as Cano, Marcos Rocha, Jhon Arias, Yago Pikachu and Reinaldo.

About fantasy, he pointed out that “Brazilians are very involved with the game and this is very important because it brings fans closer to their favorite players and has become a very professional product, including the existence of a scout and data analysis. And that's also what happens in real football, where we evaluate all of that when picking a team."

Source: Exclusive GMB