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Brand’s social ambassador

Tinga visited KTO Group offices in Europe

The former star of Grêmio, Inter and Borussia Dortmund, Tinga, took advantage of his trip through Europe to visit KTO offices in the continent. The Brazilian, the brand's social ambassador to carry out new solidarity actions in the country, was welcomed by Andreas Bardun, CEO and founder of the company, who invited him to visit all the facilities of the Group.

Tinga had traveled to Europe to see her son who is surprising enough and making success in the Old Continent. The young Davis, striker who is defending the colors of Portimonense, from Portugal, is disputing the Liga Revelação Série B, where he has been scoring many goals and standing out, even fighting to become the top scorer of the competition.

As a player, Tinga had an impeccable career, immortalizing incredible moments in the lives of many fans. Now, outside the pitch, he continues to impact lives and, in his own way, changing a little the difficult reality of many people.

Last year, the bookmaker announced the arrival of former midfielder Paulo César Fonseca do Nascimento, Tinga, as the brand's social ambassador in Brazil to carry out new solidarity actions.

The former star of Grêmio, Inter and Borussia Dortmund, from Germany, among other clubs, was happy to join the project.

“Happy to be part of the team that also has a social outlook. Good to join so many good people like the KTO team,” he expressed. For its part, KTO showed its pride in being with this star to give voice and life in social projects that will be developed by the brand.

Tinga is, historically, an active figure in social causes in Porto Alegre and several regions of Rio Grande do Sul. Among its many successful projects is “Fome de Aprendizagem” (Hunger for Learning), which brings food and culture to the peripheral neighborhoods of Porto Alegre.

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Source: GMB