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Georges Didier and Valter Delfraro Jr., GLI

“Technical aspects after regulation will guarantee security for gamblers and regulators in Brazil”

GMB held an exclusive interview with Georges Didier (regional director LatAm) and Valter Delfraro Jr. (Business Development Executive Brazil) from GLI at SAGSE Latam, in Buenos Aires. Both are excited about the direction of regulation in Brazil and aware of the contribution made by GLI so far. “A regulation without technical aspects is incomplete and will not guarantee 100% transparency and security, both for the regulator and for the bettor,” highlighted Didier.

GMB – How is the Latin market for GLI?
Georges Didier –
The Latin American market continues to grow and is increasingly attractive to operators and manufacturers, both for online and land-based gaming. With the arrival of new regulations and expanding others, this will make the region increasingly solid and attractive to different international players.

Do countries already understand the importance of certifications and adequate regulation for the sector?
Georges Didier – Yes. Obviously, with the work we do with both regulators and operators, we contribute to increasing awareness of the importance of certifications to provide players with a guarantee of transparency and integrity in the operation of all games. They are aware of this and understand that good certification is necessary to ensure numerous benefits to the player, such as randomness and security for the bettor. In addition, certification also allows for more adequate oversight of all activity and closes a circle for solid and fair play.

Are these concepts already well established in the Brazilian iGaming community?
Valter Delfraro Jr. –
I could say that much more than two years ago. Today, the Brazilian market understands the importance of regulation, especially regarding the advantages that certification brings to the regulatory entity and to the market. I believe that in a short time the player himself will also start to realize the benefits he will have when playing on certified platforms. We have advanced a lot in these last two years in the dissemination of these concepts.

Even because the benefit goes from end to end!
Valter Delfraro Jr. – Have no doubt. The regulated market that requires certification is the closing of a circle of an industry that exercises good practices and guarantees randomness and seriousness that involve a certification process.

Is Brazil following these principles?
Georges Didier – We are waiting for the results. We are aware of the interest of the entire industry in Brazil and in the concepts of certification, in addition to the benefits of good regulation. We are sure that everyone is aware of this and we hope that soon we will be able to see the result with the edition of the sports betting regulation.

In Brazil, there is a lot of talk about license costs and the taxes to be applied, but technical issues end up being left aside. How is GLI showing the Brazilian government based on the company's global experience?
Georges Didier – Precisely based on our experience and the work we have already carried out in other jurisdictions that have gone through the same moment that we see today in Brazil. Through Valter's work, we are seeing how the recommendations and suggestions regarding technical aspects and industry best practices are progressing. All this needs to be taken into account in the regulation, as regulation without technical aspects is incomplete and will not guarantee 100% transparency, integrity and security of the game, both for the regulatory body and for the bettor.

Now it's up to you! Ask the government to hit the hammer because Brazil is prepared.
Valter Delfraro Jr. – That's our job. We always support and clarify any doubts that may arise and give examples of other jurisdictions that have achieved success. This is our role, to be available, showing our experience of more than 30 years in more than 480 jurisdictions.

So Brazil is already “certified” to make its regulations?
Valter Delfraro Jr. – We hope so and we work so that it is certified and ready to do the best process. I always say that we should take advantage of this delay, and the advantage is to look at those who have already done it and see what best fits our reality.

Source: Exclusive GMB