JUE 13 DE JUNIO DE 2024 - 05:34hs.
System passed concept tests

Paybrokers and Skilrock lottery control platform approved at Lotepar

Paybrokers and Skilrock recently won the electronic auction to offer a platform to control lottery activities in Paraná, but the Proof of Concept – POC was still pending. The tests were carried out by the State Lottery of Paraná – Lotepar last week and yesterday (5) the report was published in the Official Gazette approving the system.

The consortium formed by Paybrokers and Skilrock received final approval from Lotepar to provide the lottery activity control platform. This Wednesday (5), the report was published in the Official Gazette of the State that proves compliance with all items contained in the Public Notice, especially with regard to the technical characteristics and security of the system.

Lotepar's Bidding Committee had technical support from the Information and Communication Technology Company of Paraná – Celepar. The system had more than 100 items evaluated and, in all of them, Lotepar identified compliance with the requirements contained in the Notice.

From items such as ease of user registration, system architecture, friendly interface for game operators, management of exclusions and identification of suspicious activities, the Paybrokers/Skilrock platform received a positive evaluation from Lotepar.

In the bidding, the consortium offered a transfer of 18% on the volumes transacted by the system, a premium of 170% on the percentage estimated by the government of Paraná.

Future operators will pay 3% on the value of their customers' deposits and 1% on withdrawals to Lotepar. The transfer value of 18% on the transacted volumes proposed by the PayBrokers/Skilrock consortium fell on the estimated total.

The platform includes APIs that will be used to offer products, financial services and payments to customers indicated by Lotepar, that is, for the integration of the company's future lottery operators.

The implementation of the Paraná Lottery was approved by state decree a little less than a year ago, and the next step is the opening of bidding for the choice of future operators of the lottery of numerical predictions, instantaneous, passive lottery of tickets and sports predictions.

Source: GMB