SÁB 22 DE JUNIO DE 2024 - 23:51hs.
Decision after installation of the Commission

CPI will force companies to reveal cases of unusual football betting

At the first official meeting of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Chamber of Deputies that will investigate match-fixing in Brazil, one of the measures presented was the determination that sports betting companies reveal which events in football received unusual volumes of bets. The measure aims to contribute to combating the practice of manipulation of results.

The CPI that investigates allegations of match-fixing in football had its first meeting this week and numerous calls were approved, in addition to the work plan presented by the rapporteur for the matter, Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), being endorsed by the deputies.

Also approved was the invitation for members of the Public Ministry of Goiás to be heard so that the deputies know in depth the directions of the investigation of manipulation of results.

Due to the fact that the practice has spread in Brazilian football, the deputy and first vice-president of the CPI, André Figueiredo (PDT-CE), proposed that sports betting companies reveal specific events of receiving bets in unusual volumes that may mean manipulation of results.

He also submitted a request for representatives from Sportradar and Stats Perform, which monitor football betting patterns for the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and the Paulista Football Federation, respectively, to be summoned to explain the way they work and how their monitoring tools can contribute to the fight against match-fixing.

The CPI also wants access to the surveys of the two companies to corroborate the possible cases of match-fixing pointed out in the MP-GO investigations and even those that may not have been pointed out by the Public Prosecutor's Office within the scope of the Maximum Penalty Operation.

Source: GMB