JUE 13 DE JUNIO DE 2024 - 03:23hs.
June 1st, at 11 am

Brazilian STJD sets trial date for players investigated in match-fixing case

The Superior Court of Sports Justice of Brazil (STJD) has set a date for the trial of eight players investigated in Operation Maximum Penalty II. According to ge.com, the athletes suspected of involvement in the case of betting manipulation will be judged on June 1st, at 11 am.

The eight players investigated are: Moraes (Aparecidense-GO), Gabriel Tota (Ypiranga-RS), Paulo Miranda (without club), Eduardo Bauermann (Santos), Igor Cariús (Sport), Fernando Neto (São Bernardo), Matheus Gomes ( without a club) and Kevin Lomónaco (Bragantino).

All of them can be suspended for up to 720 days, in addition to receiving a fine of up to R$ 300,000 (US$ 60,000). The eight players had already been preventively suspended by the STJD for 30 days, on May 16th, in a decision by the president of the body, Otávio Noronha.

With the exception of Moraes and Kevin Lomónaco, the other six were also denounced by the Public Ministry of Goiás in the case. The players form Aparecidense and Red Bull Bragantino made an agreement with the body to contribute to the investigations.

Source: Terra