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Valter Delfraro Jr., business development executive

“GLI will be at BiS SiGMA to show our capabilities and the potential of Brazil”

In an exclusive conversation with GMB, Valter Delfraro Jr., GLI's business development and government relations executive, commented that the company is increasingly present at events that deal with aspects such as regulation, responsible gaming, integrity and approval of products and services. “All our know-how is available to the market and regulatory entities and we will be at BiS SiGMA to contribute to an increasingly solid Brazilian market,” he said.

GMB – I would like you to talk about your expectations regarding GLI's participation in BiS SiGMA, one of the most important global fairs that arrives in Latin America, specifically in São Paulo.
Valter Delfraro Jr.
– As you know, GLI is committed to the market by always being present at all events, reinforcing not only the importance of certification, but also the contribution that GLI can make with government entities in charge of enforcing regulations. We will certainly be present at booth D11 to support operators, software providers, platforms and lotteries, as well as regulatory bodies with our knowledge and experience. We always reinforce that we are the only laboratory that is present in all jurisdictions where gambling is regulated in the world.

It's impressive because you're at all the events that discuss technical aspects. We were together recently in Brasilia talking about integrity, which is another backbone of the iGaming industry…
Clear. In fact, all these points will make us have a solid market. Certification, good regulation, good responsible gaming programs, criteria to prevent money laundering and good platforms and software to curb match-fixing. All of this, together, is what will bring solidity to our market.

And does GLI have expertise in this area of integrity, combating match-fixing and money laundering?
As you know, GLI does not have software nor do we develop products to maintain our independence in the certification process. But we have the know-how to certify and verify platforms that use these means to operate in these jurisdictions.

That is, does the GLI have the capacity to certify that the game is not being manipulated based on this knowledge?
GLI certifies everything a regulator asks for. Everything determined by regulatory bodies allows us to contribute our know-how.

And even more with the ever closer presence of the Brazilian market and participating in BiS SiGMA?
Of course. If you want to contact us, our booth is D11 again. Having an event of this size in Brazil says a lot where our industry is heading.

Not to mention that it is a global event that reaches Latin America and Brazil!
Exactly. Let's go there and show the importance of Brazil and what it can offer and what can be done in our country.

Source: Exclusive GMB