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New studio based in São Paulo

Oddsgate announces strategic partnership with Brazilian Stargaze Games

Oddsgate, a premier online gambling platform provider based in Lisbon, proudly unveils August's dynamic partnership with Stargaze Games, an innovative new game studio in Brazil, recognized for its fresh approach to custom games. This collaboration represents a ground-breaking transition in shaping the online gambling scene in Latin America.

With the synergy of both companies, they aim to redefine a new concept of futuristic, high-quality, engaging games and deliver the end users transformative and exhilarating player experiences.

Oddsgate's advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform has been empowered since late 2021, allowing unparalleled control over data, operations, and player management.

With an inclusive array of tools, Oddsgate focuses on meticulous operational consultancy, guiding partners in navigating the ever-evolving gambling sector. Their service graces the offerings of leading Brazilian brands such as Realsbet, Onabet, and Startbet.

Stargaze, a collective of young game artists, specializes in developing custom games for betting operators now has an eye on the emergent markets of Brazil, Perú, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, and India. Their union with Oddsgate is set to be the catalyst for this ambitious expansion.

Quoting Mário Silva, Oddsgate COO: "We are immensely excited about our collaboration with Stargaze. Our forward-thinking SaaS platform, combined with Stargaze's unique gaming flair, sets the stage for unmatched gaming adventures for our clients and their younger demographics seeking an intuitive game interface. Our turnkey platform is the perfect marketplace for Stargaze's fresh portrait view games that will entertain the end users for years."

Quoting Fabiana Fernandes, Head of Operations at Stargaze Games: "Our alliance with Oddsgate presents boundless distribution opportunities. Oddsgate technological approach and technical compliance are essential for a fair and quality distribution of our assets. We're geared to make an indelible impact in these markets, creating personalized games for our clients to attract new players and boost their player retention”.

Oddsgate and Stargaze reaffirm their commitment to their target markets' highest responsible gambling standards by forging this partnership to enforce distribution in emerging and regulated markets. Both companies wish to prioritize player safety, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory standards.

Based in Lisbon, Oddsgate is a beacon in online gambling platform services. Catering to markets in Brazil, South Africa, and India, Oddsgate's state-of-the-art SaaS platform and bespoke consultancy services set their partners on a trajectory of success in the bustling gambling world.

Based in São Paulo, Stargaze is a game-changer in personalized gaming experiences for betting operators worldwide. Their dedication to introducing fresh games, promotional features, and a zest to deliver the best user experience makes them a formidable name in the gaming industry.

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Source: GMB