JUE 28 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2023 - 04:57hs.
Team from Paraná state

PayBrokers is the new sponsor of FC Cascavel

Already thinking about the 2024 season, Futebol Clube Cascavel, from the Brazilian state of Paraná, began to assemble its squad. And the first collaborator is PayBrokers, the club's new sponsor. The company is a reference in providing payment facilitation services for deposits and withdrawals, also facilitating online purchases on international websites. It recently won the bid to integrate sports betting operators in the state.

PayBrokers offers Payment Facilitation (eFx) services through its modern and secure electronic platform for deposits and withdrawals, facilitating online purchases on international websites.

It recently won, in a consortium with Skilrock Technologies, the bid in Paraná to provide the integration platform for operators that will explore sports betting for Lottopar in the state.

Therefore, nothing more natural than getting closer to the public of Paraná, which led to the signing of the contract with Futebol Clube Cascavel, one of the most traditional teams in Paraná.

“We understand that working with a football team allows us to enhance, increase and improve our brand positioning. Reaching new customers and generating more value for the company,” highlighted the director of PayBrokers, Thiago H. Presser.

In addition to the brand on the game and training uniforms, the company will be with the team in publicity spaces on social media and as a backdrop for interviews.

Thiago also describes the reason for choosing Cascavel as the company's new partner. “PayBrokers is a company that has an 'arm' in Cascavel. So we know the serious work that is done by FC Cascavel. With the professional team and especially with the youth ones and schools. Serious managers in charge of the club, so we believe in and support Futebol Clube Cascavel.”

“The ‘Serpente’ is grateful for the partnership and we are going together in search of achieving the goals of 2024,” highlights the FC Cascavel board.

Source: GMB