JUE 28 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2023 - 05:54hs.
Another testing laboratory

Lottopar approved BMM to certify lottery operators in Paraná

Another testing and certification laboratory was approved by Lottopar to begin operations with lottery operators in the State of Paraná. The company BMM SPAIN TESTLABS S.L.U. can now act to carry out tests and issue certificates.

They thus prove whether the equipment and systems comply with standards, regulations and requirements established by regulatory authorities and entities responsible for the gaming and lottery industry.

The certifications issued by these laboratories guarantee that the games are fair, safe, fraud-free and that they meet the required international quality standards.

The novelty and pioneering spirit brought by Lottopar to the state lottery sector is that, with the accreditation of these laboratories, testing and issuing certifications will occur more quickly and within the jurisdiction of Paraná, without the need for lottery operators resort to laboratories located in other countries.

Furthermore, with the start of sports betting operations in October and after the adaptation time for these operators has passed, which will be one year after the start of operations, only tests and certificates from laboratories duly accredited in the State of Paraná will be accepted by Lottopar.

“This is an unprecedented initiative in the country and once again Paraná takes the lead with innovative processes and models that serve as a reference for other entities in the federation. The search for these internationally renowned laboratories to be accredited with Lottopar demonstrates the authority's commitment to maintaining the highest levels and international standards in the lottery gaming industry, thus promoting greater security and reliability for bettors and lottery operators,” stated the director- President of Lottopar, Daniel Romanowski.

For the laboratory director, Daniel Magariños, this moment is a milestone for the company in this joint work that begins with Lottopar and the lottery operators: “BMM Testlabs, the oldest and most experienced independent private gaming certification laboratory in the world, is honored to receive certification from Lottopar, a pioneer in this segment in Brazil. We believe it will be a big step towards the evolution of the gaming industry in this country. BMM Testlabs' global excellence in compliance, as well as its commitment to innovation and quality, are the basis of its growing partnerships with customers, allowing it to continue its trajectory in this new market with this accreditation granted by Lottopar.”

Participating in the approval event were the CEO, Daniel Romanowski; the sales manager for South America at the BMM laboratory, Daniel Magariños; the representative of the BMM laboratory, Analice de Mattos; the administrative-financial director of Lottopar, Rogério Nogueira; Lottopar's technical director, Rafael Halila and Lottopar's chief of staff, Stefanny Fernandes.

The notice for accreditation of testing and certification laboratories remains open and can be consulted at this link.

Source: GMB