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Luis Traversa, COO

“Betmotion’s nomination for Reclame Aqui Award strengthens iGaming and customer experience”

Betmotion was recently nominated for the R’eclame Aqui Award’, which recognizes companies' best practices in responding to customer complaints. Luis Traversa, COO of Betmotion, analyzes the significance of being an important player in the iGaming area and highlights that “this legitimizes the professionalism of the sector in the eyes of the Brazilian consumer.”

The world of iGaming has grown exponentially in Brazil and around the world. Sports betting, online casino games and virtual lotteries are gaining more and more fans, both for the entertainment they offer and for the promise of big prizes. Along with all this growth, there is also a need for recognition and credibility among the public and regulatory bodies.

Betmotion’s nomination for the ‘Reclame Aqui Award’ in the “Sweepstakes, Lotteries and Bets” category represents recognition of the excellence in the service offered to its customers and also symbolizes a milestone for the entire iGaming industry, strengthening and legitimizing the professionalism and excellence of the sector in the eyes of the Brazilian consumer, in the opinion of Betmotion's operations director, Luis Traversa.

“By being nominated by a platform as respected as Reclame Aqui, Betmotion raises the level of the sector, showing that iGaming companies can, and should, be seen with the same seriousness and professionalism as any other segment of the market. This brings visibility and trust, essential elements for the sustainable growth of the industry,” analyzes the executive.

For iGaming professionals and companies, this is an achievement to be celebrated. After all, when a company in the sector is recognized, it opens doors and creates precedents for others to be recognized as well. The visibility gained benefits not only Betmotion, but everyone involved in the industry, from operators to suppliers and partners.

“Now, more than ever, it is time for all of us iGaming professionals to unite in support of Betmotion. By encouraging and celebrating their success, we are, indirectly, boosting our own industry, seeking the recognition and visibility we all desire,” highlights Traversa.

Voting for the ‘Reclame Aqui Award’ continues until October 31st, and the ceremony will take place on December 12th. “Whether you are a collaborator, a competitor or an iGaming enthusiast, recognize the importance of this moment and support Betmotion on this journey. After all, the success of one is the success of all,” concludes the executive.

To vote, simply access the website http://premio.reclameaqui.com.br.

Source: GMB