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Ednaldo Rodrigues to attend on Wednesday

Extended, the Sports Betting CPI will hear CBF president

With the extension of the Parliamentary Commissions of Investigation (CPI) in the Chamber, the one that investigates the relationship between sports betting and the manipulation of football game results set a new date for the president of the Brazilian Football Confedration (CBF). Ednaldo Rodrigues will be heard on Wednesday (20) this week.

Rodrigues should have gone to the CPI last September 11th, but he missed it citing the proximity to a Brazilian football team game, scheduled for the following day. The commission would end its work on September 14th and would not be able to hear the leader, but the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), authorized the work to continue until September 26th.

Ednaldo Rodrigues will be heard as a guest at a public hearing to talk about the actions of the Brazilian Football Confederation and the manipulation of results in Brazilian football.

Rodrigues, 69 years old, was elected president of the CBF in March 2022 for a term of office until 2026. Before officially assuming the position, he held the position on an interim basis in 2021, after the removal of Rogério Caboclo, accused of moral and sexual harassment of an ex -employee.

At the time, Rodrigues' election was questioned in court by Gustavo Feijó, then one of the entity's vice-presidents and former president of the Alagoan Football Federation.


Rodrigues' participation at the CPI is one of the most anticipated by deputies. He was the target of 4 requests presented to the commission for his appearance. Deputies hope to hear the measures adopted by CBF to prevent and combat manipulation of results, as well as clarifications on current inspection and transparency processes.

The hearing was requested by deputies Fred Costa (Patriota-MG), Luciano Vieira (PL-RJ), Ricardo Silva (PSD-SP) and Mersinho Lucena (PP-PB).

In a letter sent on May 18th to Ricardo Silva, 3rd vice-president of the CPI, Ednaldo Rodrigues praised the commission's initiative and declared that manipulation of results is an “old problem” made worse by the internet.

According to him, the CBF adopts “the same measures that the main sporting entities in the world adopt to protect the integrity of sport.” In the message sent, the leader also said that the confederation is structuring “its own initiatives” to combat manipulation.

The CPI was installed on May 17th and is chaired by deputy Júlio Arcoverde (PP-PI). He previously presided over River Atlético Clube, from Teresina (PI). The rapporteur is by deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE).

The commission originates from the investigation by the MPGO (Public Ministry of Goiás). On February 14th, the organization launched Operation Maximum Penalty, which investigates the manipulation of game results in Series B of the 2022 Brazilian Championship.

Source: GMB / Poder360