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Betnacional acquires naming rights of Sport Recife official TV channel

Betnacional has just signed a contract with Sport Club do Recife and now holds the naming rights for TV Sport, the club's official YouTube channel. From now on, the platform will be called TV Sport Betnacional, in agreement and partnership with the sports betting company, which is a reference in the sector in Brazil and around the world.

The contract between Sport and Betnacional for the official YouTube channel lasts three months, but there is the possibility of renewal at the end of the term. This, in fact, is not the first partnership between the club and company: since the beginning of 2021, the brand has been printing the red and black uniform with the master sponsorship.

The marketing director of NSX and Betnacional, Newton Neto, celebrated the agreement. “We know that TV Sport Betnacional will have a national impact and will be an excellent platform for us to activate our brand. The red-and-black nation is eager to consume the ‘Leão da Ilha’ every day. So we're going to bring relevant content, new formats and, most importantly, exclusives. It’s a sure bet.”

“We are very happy to sign this new contract. It is a milestone not only for TV Sport, but for the club's communications department. From this agreement, we will be able to further enhance our digital platforms and promote new products. I am sure that all parties will win: the club, the partner company and, mainly, the fans,” highlighted Marcelo Bandeira, Sport Club do Recife communications manager.

“We are preparing a lot of good things, a lot of news is coming to TV in the short term and little by little we will announce everything. I'm sure our fans will like it and we're looking forward to putting all of this into practice,” added Bandeira.

New shows and new sports will be part of TV Sport Betnacional, which also includes displays of the brand on the game uniform and on advertising boards at the José de Andrade Médicis Trainig Center and at the Ilha do Retiro stadium.

Source: GMB