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"Our focus is to meet Brazilian regulatory requirements, ensuring the forefront for Caleta Gaming"

Reporting excellent results across various metrics in the past year, Fabiola Jaeger, CEO of Caleta Gaming, gave an interview for the exclusive GMB series Balance 2023/Goals 2024. In it, she celebrates the growth of the Brazilian player base by 458%, investments made, and the launch of 17 new games. The company's current goal is to concentrate on the requirements to be demanded by regulation and ensure that the gaming platform is 100% compliant with the Brazilian market.

Games Magazine Brasil - What is your assessment of Caleta Gaming's performance and growth in 2023 overall? Was it as expected or did it exceed your expectations?
Fabíola Jaeger - 2023 was another very special year, marked by significant growth and maturity. It certainly exceeded our expectations. Throughout the 12 months, we sought to organize our operations while experiencing rapid growth, which was no easy task. We invested heavily in training programs, events, and exhibitions.

We defined a corporate strategic foundation, making it clear to all our employees where we are, where we want to go, what changes need to happen for us to achieve our objectives, how they should occur, and how we will measure this progress and evolution. Additionally, we communicated our code of culture and values, which is the set of principles guiding decision-making and activities within Caleta. We established that our mission as a company is to provide a fun and unique experience for our players through the creation of games with innovation, quality, reliability, and proprietary technology.

What is your assessment of Caleta's performance and growth in the Brazilian market in 2023?Our base of Brazilian players grew by 458% in the last 12 months, meaning we more than quadrupled our numbers in this metric. Other KPIs such as GGR, total bet, and rounds also experienced significant increases. On the other hand, we observed that players are spending less time on games, possibly due to the introduction of the BUY BONUS feature, through which players have immediate access to bonus games without waiting for the random play that would supposedly lead them to it. We launched 17 new games during 2023, increasing our proprietary game count from 105 to 122. We also expanded our team of employees; today, we have 28 Caleters, all working in-person at our office in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Could you list the main achievements or goals reached?
We received nominations for 7 awards as the best games provider and won the award for the best bingo games provider in Latin America at the SBC Awards 2023. There was growth in client metrics, players, rounds, GGR, NGR, and total bet. We optimized our platform to provide the creation of smoother games, with faster response times and support for new features. We also certified new titles, made adjustments, and improvements to our technology for entry into new regulated markets.

Another important point was our participation in BiS/SiGMA AMERICAS, considered the best and most surprising event of 2023 by us. We attended various other events throughout the year, but this one was very special; it was phenomenal to witness an event of this magnitude here in Brazil. Additionally, Caleta stood out among the companies invested in by the YOLO group, being mentioned during a panel on investments and trends at the IGN event in Malta in June 2023, and also during Yolo Investments' annual event in Estonia in July 2023.

What is your overall opinion on the regulation of the sports betting and online gaming market in Brazil?
It finally happened, what a great victory! We are pleased with this good news and are already preparing to provide our games and solutions according to the requirements that will be pre-established. We eagerly await the definition of regulations by the regulator, where we will have more details on which games will be allowed, those considered online fixed odds games. In any case, we have already certified our RNG (Random Number Generator) and several titles with the GLI laboratory and will certify new ones throughout 2024. I believe we are strategically well-positioned to enter the national regulated market strengthened and swiftly.

What are Caleta's main goals/objectives for 2024 in the Brazilian market?
After the publication of the technical requirements by the Brazilian regulator, we will focus on verifying if any adjustments are necessary for our gaming platform to be 100% compliant with the Brazilian market. Strengthen current partnerships with our clients as well as establish new partnerships with new clients. With our experience and knowledge of the local market, we will dedicate ourselves to developing new games, in accordance with what is authorized by the Brazilian regulator, to fully meet the demand of this market. 

And globally, what are the plans?
Continue growing exponentially and healthily. We are in the final stages of obtaining our Malta license (MGA B2B License), which will allow us to explore new opportunities and markets. I hope to be able to announce this good news very soon.

Source: Exclusive GMB