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Product takes center stage

Betting sites represent 68% of master sponsorships of Series A, B and C clubs in Brazil

Betting sites represent 68% of master sponsorships of the main clubs in Brazilian football championships. GE carried out a survey analyzing the 60 teams from the country's three divisions, and the product stands out, even appearing on the main part of the shirts in clubs with the biggest fans in Brazil, such as Flamengo and Corinthians.

Out of the 60 clubs set to play in the A, B, and C series in 2024, 39 have betting sites as their main sponsors. This is significant, as the second-place contender on the list, banks, only represent 15%.

In addition to betting sites and banks, the list of the main sponsors for the 60 clubs in the A, B, and C series of the Brasileirão includes tire companies, energy drink brands, food companies, real estate agencies, appliance stores, departments, credit firms, and a music agency. It's worth noting that the country's main sponsor deal is also from betting sites.

The agreement announced by Corinthians with VaideBet was for R$ 370 million (US$ 75m) over three seasons.

Here are the main sponsors of the clubs in the three main divisions of the Brasileirão:

Série A:

Athletico-PR: Esportes da Sorte (betting site)
Atlético-GO: Blaze (betting site)
Atlético-MG: Betano (betting site)
Bahia: Esportes da Sorte (betting site)
Botafogo: Pari Match (betting site)

Bragantino: RedBull (energy drink)
Corinthians: Vai de Bet (betting site)
Criciúma: Estrelabet (betting site)
Cruzeiro: Betfair (betting site)

Cuiabá: Drebor (tire company)
Flamengo: Pixbet (betting site)
Fluminense: Betano (betting site)
Fortaleza: Novibet (betting site)

Grêmio: Banrisul (bank)
Internacional: Banrisul (bank)
Juventude: Stake (betting site)
Palmeiras: Crefisa (credit company)
São Paulo: Superbet (betting site)
Vasco: no master sponsor
Vitória: Betsat (betting site)

Série B:

Amazonas: Realsbet (betting site)
América-MG: Estrelabet (betting site)
Avaí: Pixbet (betting site)
Botafogo-SP: Estrelabet (betting site)

Brusque: Havan (department store)
Ceará: Estrelabet (betting site)
Chapecoense: Aurora (food company)
Coritiba: Realsbet (betting site)
CRB: Estrelabet (betting site)
Goiás: Betesporte (betting site)
Guarani: Bitxbet (betting site)
Ituano: Bet7k (betting site)
Mirassol: Bet7k (betting site)
Novorizontino: Bet7k (betting site)
Operário-PR: Bet7k (betting site)

Paysandu: Banpará (bank)
Ponte Preta: Estrelabet (betting site)
Santos: Blaze (betting site)
Sport: Betvip (betting site)
Vila Nova: Betesporte (betting site)

Série C:

ABC: Esportes da Sorte (betting site)
Aparecidense: no master sponsor
Athletic Club: Bet7K (betting site)
Botafogo-PB: TV Bet (betting site)

Caxias: Banrisul (bank)
Confiança: Banese (bank)
CSA: Pagbet (betting site)
Ferroviária: Betnacional (betting site)
Ferroviário: Zenir (furniture and appliance store)
Figueirense: Aposta Ganha (betting site)
Floresta: no master sponsor
Londrina: Agroplay (music agency)
Náutico: Betnacional (betting site)
Remo: Banpará (bank)
Sampaio Corrêa: Pagbet (betting site)
São Bernardo: Magnum Bank (bank)
São José-RS: Banrisul (bank)
Tombense: no master sponsor
Volta Redonda: Betspeed (betting site)
Ypiranga-RS: Banrisul (bank)

Source: ge