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Carla Dualib, business development manager, Brazil

“SOFTSWISS shone at ICE with improved solutions that will soon arrive in Brazil and LatAm”

Once again SOFTSWISS stood out on the iGaming scene by participating in ICE London. Talking with GMB about its presence at the fair, Carla Dualib, business development manager Brazil, highlighted the company's substantial growth around the world. “We reached €10 billion in Total Monthly Bets for the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator and introduced new features of our solutions, which will soon be available throughout Latin America and in Brazil specifically.”

GMB - What was the result of the main solutions from SOFTSWISS, such as the Sportsbook Platform, Jackpot Aggregator, and Affilka that you once again presented at ICE London?
Carla Dualib
- The effective assessment of annual results is closely linked to the success of the chosen strategy. We have established clear and measurable goals that extend for at least three years, constantly reviewing and refining them. The current results are particularly satisfactory. Highlighting significant achievements, we reached milestones such as reaching 10 billion euros in Monthly Total Bets for the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator in July, experiencing a 4.5 times increase in sports betting GGR, and welcoming the 70th partner brand to the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator.


You've just launched the Tournament Service, to complement the Tournament Tools. What exactly is this new update?
Actually, no. We have two similar tools for conducting tournaments - one from the Game Aggregator and another from the casino platform. The Tournament Tool refers to the Game Aggregator, and the Tournament Service is the new version of tournaments on the platform.

The main goal of the Tournament Service is to engage players in the gaming experience. Internal surveys indicate a notable impact of tournaments on critical metrics, including a 10 to 20% increase in deposit count and a doubling of deposit sums.

One of the key features of the Tournament Service is its real-time leaderboard, which allows operators to track and enhance player engagement dynamically.

The Tournament Service is about to introduce a new feature - Network Tournaments. The new functionality will enable operators to seamlessly launch competitions across multiple projects, improving metrics and optimizing costs for participating brands. Overall, the Tournament Service contains various technical innovations, making it highly adaptable to operators' specific needs.

What new features did SOFTSWISS introduce at ICE London?
This year, at ICE London, we focused on our strategic acquisition of a majority stake in Turfsport, a leading South African provider of multi-channel betting software for sports, horse racing, and lottery. We are specifically eyeing South Africa and Nigeria. These regions offer excellent growth opportunities, and our strategy is geared towards unlocking their potential to better serve the unique needs of these markets.

We demonstrated how this acquisition strengthened our capabilities and diversified our offerings. We channeled our efforts into establishing a stronger presence in the African market, leveraging the synergies created by this acquisition to better address the unique needs of the region.


What were the main objectives of participating in ICE?
During ICE, our main focus was on unveiling our strategic acquisition of a stake in Turfsport, a leading South African provider of multi-channel betting software for sports, horse racing, and lottery.

In terms of market focus, we are closely watching Brazil and Africa. These regions offer excellent growth opportunities, and our strategy is aimed at unlocking their potential to better serve the unique needs of these markets.

The main themes that guided our discussions and engagements at the exhibition revolved around regulations and responsible gambling. These crucial topics underscore our commitment to navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape and promote responsible practices in the iGaming sector. We engaged in incredible conversations, gathered insights, and contributed to the ongoing dialogue on these fundamental industry issues.

How is the company currently positioned in the Latin American market?
Currently, our company is in the process of entering the Latin American market. While we have some ongoing projects in the region, we prefer to characterize our presence as still in the early stages of market entry. We are excited about some new projects that are in the launch phase and that we believe will help us establish a stronger foothold in the market.

In addition to our ongoing projects, we are actively considering various expansion opportunities, including potential investments. This reflects our commitment to strategically increase our presence in the Latin American market and capitalize on the opportunities it presents.


How do you see iGaming regulation in Brazil and what are the prospects for SOFTWISS' presence in this important market?
The market in Brazil is currently in a perfect storm in this regulation phase. Companies looking to enter this burgeoning market are closely monitoring every legislative step. Recently, the government has set new rules for companies to operate: they need approval from the Ministry of Finance, proven experience in the sector, and must pay R$ 30 million (5.6 million euros) for a five-year license. They must also be established in Brazil, with at least one Brazilian holding a 20% stake. There are many opportunities and many adjustments in the coming months!!

Gaming companies will have to pay a 12% tax rate after deductions, and unclaimed prizes will go to the FIES (Student Financing Fund) and FUNCAP (National Fund for Public Calamities). Bettors must be at least 18 years old, and their winnings will be taxed at 15%.

This amount was adjusted after the initially proposed 30% threatened to lead operators to offshore options, such as the most common Curacao license. However, the National Congress is still deliberating some parts of the law, for example, the suggested tax exemption for prizes up to BRL 2,112 (EUR 400).

Source: Exclusive GMB