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Alessandro Valente, co-founder

“BiS SiGMA is already sold out and we have guaranteed more space for a larger 2025 edition”

Nostalgic about saying goodbye to London, as ICE will move to Barcelona, Alessandro Valente, co-founder of BiS SiGMA and Super Afiliados, spoke exclusively with GMB. “England is the birthplace of sports betting and the fair, mother of all events. And that’s where Super Afiliados was born. I say goodbye here with affection and invite everyone to be with us from April 23rd to 25th at the Brazilian iGaming Summit and SiGMA Américas at a very important moment for the sector in Brazil”.

GMB - How do you evaluate Super Afiliados' participation in ICE London, the most important fair in the world?
Alessandro Valente -
For those who don't know, ICE is the mother of all events and was an inspiration for us to found BiS - Brazilian Igaming Summit, now BiS SiGMA. This is where you really connect with the world. At our event in Brazil, we have a lot of people from different countries, but it is incomparable with ICE. It's a shame it leaving this city. For those who don't know, next year it will be in Barcelona.

Barcelona is also a magnificent city, but is London unquestionable for being, as you said, the mother of all events?
Of course. England is the mother country of all this, it is the cradle. And for us too, since Super Afiliados was born here many years ago under another name - Influx Media. Many things are born here and it is an incomparable event. I am always very grateful to Clarion, who organizes this event, and gives us the opportunity today to be with the Brazilian Lounge. It is a space that we set up within the event to welcome Brazilians and we share it with several businesspeople who have the same intention of being at ICE and having a place to sit and hold their meetings.

And in addition to being at ICE with the Brazilian Lounge, we also did so at the SBC editions in Barcelona and Miami, as well as, of course, at BiS, as well as at SiGMA Malta, where we couldn't miss and be alongside our dear partner Eman Pullis.

How is Super Afiliados doing in the booming Brazilian market and with everyone preparing to submit their license applications to the Ministry of Finance?
Super Afiliados has an advantage over many companies in the sector because we have had a physical presence in Brazil for many years. Of course, at the same time we are an offshore company, based in Malta, where we will continue working in the market with licensees and non-licenses until the situation is stabilized in Brazil.

It's an advantage for us to work like this. At the same time we will - and we are already doing this - encourage businesspeople to obtain a license in Brazil. We will not force or block a businessman who does not yet have a license in the country, but it is an initiative we have taken to try to bring these companies to Brazil, opening their offices locally. In this way, we were able to protect players and generate revenue and taxes in the country, in order to increasingly consolidate the activity.

And also to ensure that they can advertise?
Advertising and many other things. We have some partners who are already on the waiting list to acquire the license. I cite as examples Bet7k, Aposta Online and Blaze. Some partners are already aligned with this, but others are still a little reluctant and unsure of what will happen from now on. Either way, we will continue to work with all companies.

You mentioned “from now on”. And just ahead, BiS SiGMA takes place, precisely when companies will be submitting their official license applications. Does the event take place at an important time?
Undoubtedly. Therefore, I reinforce in everyone's mind: BiS SiGMA, in São Paulo, at Transamérica, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of April. It will be a success again, as we are already completely sold out in terms of stands. Unfortunately I apologize to those who were unable to purchase their stands. We were unable to get more space on Transamérica, which guaranteed us an increase in area for 2025.

Source: GMB Exclusive