JUE 22 DE FEBRERO DE 2024 - 05:21hs.
Accredited by Lottopar

Salsa Technology powers NossaBet’s launch in Paraná

Accredited by Lottopar, NossaBet, in partnership with Salsa Technology, has launched its new website in the State and is committed to making the market more attractive and secure for the people of Paraná. The debut marks an important moment for the betting market in Brazil, positioning the brand among the top five operators to receive certification from Lottopar.

The head of the company's Legal Department, Luciana Macorin de Azevedo, expressed enthusiasm about NossaBet's start of operations in Paraná. "We are extremely proud to be one of the pioneers in obtaining a license to operate sports betting in Paraná. It is just the beginning of our journey," she began.

"The fact that we are among the first reflects our commitment to lead by example, showing the way to a safe, responsible, and extremely enjoyable sports betting market. This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team," she added.

The COO of Salsa Technology, André Filipe Neves, commented: "It is with great pride that we were able to facilitate the official launch of NossaBet in the State of Paraná. Our localized technology, together with NossaBet's expertise in sports betting, forms a powerful partnership as the Brazilian opportunity gains momentum."

NossaBet stands out not only for its pioneering license but also for its 100% Brazilian DNA, with a team of professionals based in Curitiba who possess a deep understanding of the sports betting market and a passion for sports. This combination ensures an entertainment offering that truly resonates with Brazilian betting enthusiasts.

"Having a team with great knowledge of the local market is essential to connect with our users and provide an experience that meets their expectations and preferences. We are committed to expanding our entertainment offering to all regions of the State, ensuring that bettors throughout Paraná have access to the best selection of sports betting in a safe and reliable environment," added Macorin de Azevedo.

Source: GMB