MAR 16 DE JULIO DE 2024 - 11:53hs.
After 12 years working for the end user

Thomas Carvalhaes transitions to the B2B sector joining GR8 Tech to lead expansion in Brazil

During ICE London 2024, executive Thomas Carvalhaes officially announced his transition to GR8 Tech, one of the most respected iGaming platforms globally, to assume the role of Senior Business Development Manager and lead the company's expansion plans for the Brazilian market, among others. After 12 years, Carvalhaes now faces the challenge of working in the B2B segment of the market.

Carvalhaes is a Brazilian iGaming industry executive with over 12 years of experience in the acquisition and retention B2C segments. He successfully launched several online betting companies, such as sports betting sites and online casinos in Brazil and Latin America.

In his recent career, Carvalhaes has worked at LeoVegas, Hero Gaming and VaideBob, among others. The executive has also been a speaker at all betting/gambling major events such as SIGMA, ICE, IGB, SBC, ICE VOX LONDON, EGR, EGR POWER LATAM, iGaming future and many others.

In an exclusive interview at the Games Magazine Brasil stand, Carvalhaes described his new role and the reasons that led him to join this project. “I can confidently state that I know the B2C market in the continent, including its pains and hurdles. Those close to me will know that for a while, I have been wanting to transition over to the B2B area within the iGgaming sector in Brazil and LatAm,” he commented.

“It’s been more than 12 years as an operator, at least five online betting companies launched in Brazil and Latin America; acting at mostly all responsibility areas of the business, from VIP host to Managing Director. With great joy, I announce today my transition to GR8 Tech, one of the most respected iGaming platforms on a global level,” he added.

Regarding his new company, the executive expressed gratitude for the opportunity to develop his project. “With high performance in its mind, having all the required certifications to operate and hundreds of satisfied customers, GR8 Tech has welcomed and trusted me with their ambitious expansions plans for the Brazilian market, and others,” stated Carvalhaes.

Finally, the Brazilian executive made himself fully available to "all those interested in opening new betting operations in Brazil, or who want to elevate their existing businesses to another level of technology, with fast deliveries and integrations and high performance, with literally 0% downtime."

GR8 Tech's comprehensive iGaming platform offers a wide range of features that meet the sector's needs. The company leverages decades of experience in software development to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the exceptional requirements of businesses in this sector.

GR8 Tech's iGaming software encompasses various functions and tools, including advanced gaming software, user-friendly interfaces, robust back-end management systems, secure payment gateways, real-time analytics, and player engagement tools.

Source: GMB