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Chris Nikolopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer

Brazil is a focal point in BETBY’s Latam growth strategy

In the dynamic landscape of Latin America's burgeoning iGaming industry, BETBY stands out for its strategic vision and unwavering dedication to regional growth. With a spotlight on Brazil, the company's expansion plans exemplify a commitment to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of players and operators. In this exclusive editorial column for GMB, Chris Nikolopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer, reviews BETBY's plans for this market, just days before its presentation at BiS SiGMA Americas 2024.

BETBY's strategic focus on Brazil within its Latin American expansion plans exemplifies its dedication to growth in the region. Over recent years, the company has intensified its efforts in LatAm, significantly enhancing its presence by powering renowned brands like BC.Games and Blaze.

These brands have already indicated their interest in obtaining licenses for Brazil's regulated market, underscoring the country's importance in BETBY's expansion strategy. To achieve this, BETBY diligently strives to comprehend operators' needs and preferences, aiming to deliver truly captivating betting experiences to players.

Brazil's potential as a lucrative market is widely acknowledged, with projections suggesting that a regulated online gambling industry could yield nearly US$5 billion in annual revenue. This substantial figure positions Brazil among the top-tier markets globally, attracting considerable anticipation and investment interest. Insights from Vixio Regulatory Intelligence underline the immense growth potential and significance of Brazil's gambling market on a global scale.

Through strategic partnerships with leading B2C brands and B2B suppliers, like Cactus Gaming in the case of B2B suppliers, BETBY has amassed invaluable insights into Brazil's sportsbook industry.

These partnerships have not only revealed the market's vast potential but also illuminated the challenges that need addressing to support partners effectively. BETBY recognizes that achieving success in Brazil demands a deep understanding of player preferences, psychographics, and the regulatory landscape, which significantly influence operational strategies.

Navigating the contrasting regional preferences within Latin America poses a challenge for operators. While American sports enjoy great interest in Mexico, Brazil prioritizes sports like soccer, basketball, and beach volleyball. Operators must tailor their offerings accordingly, considering content preferences, device compatibility, and demographic nuances to effectively engage diverse audiences across the region.

Despite these complexities, BETBY remains equipped to cater to the varied needs of Latin American audiences, leveraging its expertise and resources to deliver tailored products and services. The company's commitment to providing localized solutions underscores its dedication to enhancing the betting experience for passionate players across the region.

In the digital age, the reliance on mobile devices for online betting is undeniable. Latin American operators generate an average of 76 percent of their total revenue online through mobile platforms, reflecting the region's preference for convenience and mobility.

BETBY recognizes and prioritizes this trend, continually developing mobile-adapted products and functionalities to enhance user experience. The company's efforts in this regard have been recognized with prestigious awards like the SiGMA Best Mobile Sportsbook Supplier Award, reaffirming its commitment to excellence in mobile gaming.

Moreover, BETBY remains at the forefront of innovation, exemplified by the launch of AI-driven sportsbook tools under the AI Labs brand. These cutting-edge tools empower clients to harness player data for more effective promotions, personalization, and risk management, enhancing operational efficiency and fraud detection capabilities.

With its comprehensive suite of solutions and unwavering dedication to innovation, BETBY is poised to make a significant impact in Latin America's betting landscape. The company's commitment extends beyond product development, as evidenced by its active participation in major industry events like SiGMA Americas.

These events provide invaluable opportunities for engagement and collaboration, allowing stakeholders to explore BETBY's latest offerings and discuss emerging industry trends in an ideal setting.

Chris Nikolopoulos
Chief Commercial Officer