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It starts on April 8th

IGE launches course on Brazilian sports betting and online gaming market

IGE - Instituto de Gestão Esportiva, a specialized consultancy with an emphasis on governance, has just launched an innovative course on sports betting and the new Law 14,790/2023, taking into account the evolution of sports betting regulation in Brazil. Lasting 16 hours via Zoom, it begins on April 8th.

Divided into nine classes and with renowned experts, IGE - Instituto de Gestão Esportiva launched a course focused on the sports betting and online gaming sector in view of the promulgation of Law 14,790, which regulates the activity in Brazil.

Among the topics to be addressed, the IGE highlights the regulation of the sector in Brazil, betting operator agents, mandatory corporate policies, payment methods, bettor rights, supervision, sanctioning regime and exploitation of lotteries by states and the Federal District.

In addition, the course will address issues such as strategic financial planning and regulatory compliance of operators and new ordinances from the Ministry of Finance.

Guest professors:

  • Udo Seckelmann – head of gambling, Bichara and Motta
  • Bárbara Teles – lawyer focused on government relations
  • Fernando Vasconcelos – DPO, King of Pitaco
  • Sérgio Garcia Alves – lawyer
  • Jhonathas Alves – president of the Special Commission on the Law of Sports Games, Lotteries and Entertainment of the OAB-MA
  • Marcio Mansour – director, 10bet
  • Leandro Pamplona – lawyer
  • Alexandre Oliveira – PhD, CCA


The course is divided into nine modules and is defined as follows:

  • Class 1 - The new Brazilian market
  • Class 2 - Operating regime, schedule betting operator and mandatory corporate policies
  • Class 3 - Payment transactions
  • Class 4 - Bettors
  • Class 5 - Inspection, sanctioning regime and penalties
  • Class 6 - Exploration of lotteries by States and DF
  • Class 7 - Financial and strategic planning
  • Class 8 - Ordinances
  • Class 9 - Ordinances

Created in 2017, IGE - Instituto de Gestão Esportiva is a sports knowledge and business platform run by lawyer Filipe Alves Rodrigues, who adopted the theme of governance and integrity as part of the entity's DNA. Throughout this time, he worked to disseminate knowledge in various areas of the sports segment.

For more information about the course, click here.

Source: GMB