JUE 25 DE JULIO DE 2024 - 09:51hs.
High-level panel at BiS SiGMA Americas

Experts agree that digital marketing plays a key role in the Brazilian gaming market

With industry experts, the panel “Taking advantage of the opportunity: the rise of Online Betting in Brazil and the role of digital marketing” offered during the first day of BiS SiGMA Americas a comprehensive vision of the sector's potential for growth and innovation, emphasizing the key role of digital marketing in driving the industry on the right path amidst a rapidly evolving landscape.

The panel discussion at the BIS SiGMA Americas Summit’s Jardins stage kickstarted the event with a deep dive into the online betting industry in Brazil. Led by industry experts, the panel offered a comprehensive view of the sector’s potential for growth and innovation, emphasizing the key role of digital marketing in pushing the industry on the right track amidst a rapidly evolving landscape.

Panel discussion insights

The engaging session started with Manuel Matos, CCO at Super Afiliados, highlighting BIS SiGMA Americas’ significance as a leading Latin American gathering. The discussion revolved around the evolution of online betting in Brazil, emphasising the shift from an unregulated to a thriving market. Júlia Boianovsky Rios, Customer Success Manager at Optimove, noted Brazil’s rise to the top of the market for online betting, surpassing the UK in generating revenue.


Gabriel Moreira, CEO of Influx Solutions, underscored the rapid growth and evolution of the industry, attributing its success to various professionals’ contributions and the pivotal role of marketing in driving conversions and brand visibility. Natalia Nogues, Partner & Director at ControlF5, emphasized the industry’s evolution towards data-driven marketing strategies for enhanced customer acquisition and retention.

Fernando Garita, CEO of Betsul, discussed the challenges faced by operators amidst changing regulations, highlighting the importance of effective marketing strategies within a regulated framework. The panelists delved into the significance of responsible marketing practices and adherence to regulatory guidelines, particularly focusing on restrictions related to advertising content and audience targeting.

Brazil’s gaming sector stands at the brink of significant change, with the Ministry of Finance establishing a roadmap for the ongoing regulatory procedures. A recent development, Ordinance SPA/MF nº 561, has laid out the regulatory structure for gaming activities in Brazil.


The gradual rollout of the regulatory plan, encompassing sports betting and iGaming, is set to begin this month and extend until July. The newly established Prizes and Betting Secretariat (SPA) will take charge of supervising this domain. The SPA has been assigned the responsibility of laying the foundation for sports betting, which will be introduced through a carefully planned four-stage process.

In conclusion, the panel laid a solid foundation for understanding the dynamic landscape of Brazil’s online betting industry, emphasising the need for strategic marketing approaches, regulatory compliance, and continuous innovation to be on the right track in this rapidly expanding market.


Source: SiGMA / GMB