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In compliance with Law 14,790

Legitimuz offers a complete solution for identity verification and anti-fraud in online betting

Compliance with Law 14,790, which regulates sports betting and online gambling in Brazil, is a constant pursuit for the entire industry. In this exclusive article for GMB, Legitimuz presents one of the requirements required by the legal document, its identity verification tools, which in addition to contributing to the fight against fraud, fully comply with the new government regulations.

Have you heard of Legitimuz?

As an identity verification and anti-fraud company specializing in the iGaming market, Legitimuz has been gaining traction and standing out in the sector over the past few months.

In this article, we'll tell you more about what this company is and how it's making waves in the online casino anti-fraud market.

What is Legitimuz?

Legitimuz is the Brazilian leader in identity verification, facial recognition, and anti-fraud solutions for the online betting market.

Led by Brazilian entrepreneur Kayky Janiszewski, a widely recognized success in the digital marketing market, Legitimuz has emerged as the ideal choice for operators looking to comply with regulations and reduce fraud in their casinos.

Regarding regulation, based on Article 23 of Law 14,790, which emphasizes the importance of operators validating players' identities, Legitimuz stands out as one of the main companies providing this type of service through its specialized KYC system in iGaming.

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What sets Legitimuz apart is its exclusive focus on the iGaming market. By dedicating 100% of its time and energy to developing specific solutions for this segment, the company offers a comprehensive and effective system, distinguishing itself from most competitors that are not specialized in the betting market.

Among Legitimuz's solutions and technologies, some of the key ones include:

  • KYC service and identity validation;
  • CPF query database with over 220 million records, including Politically Exposed Persons (PEP);
  • Instant sports link query to prevent match manipulation;
  • Advanced OCR and document examination for all Brazilian states;
  • Passive life proof and FaceMatch;
  • Face indexing to CPF and facial database query.

These are just some of the technologies and differentiators the company offers.

Legitimuz's BetSafe and BetScore

Among the company's anti-fraud solutions, one that stands out is BetSafe.

BetSafe is an anti-fraud technology that analyzes the user's IP, fingerprint, and email used in registration to verify if all information provided is correct. Through this process, inconsistencies or fraud risks can be identified.

One of the best features of BetSafe is that it operates passively. Users or potential fraudsters are unaware of being analyzed, making the process even more effective.

In addition, Legitimuz offers BetScore, a "Credit Score for Betting" that assigns a score to each bettor based on their behavior within the platform.

Depending on the player's behavior, whether positive or negative, a score can be assigned to them. This score has numerous utilities, including allowing operators to better understand their players and create specific promotions based on their score. The possibilities are endless.

Now, let's delve into why investing in robust identity verification is worthwhile for your online casino.

Why invest in robust identity verification for your online casino?

First and foremost, robust identity verification is crucial for online casinos aiming to comply with regulations.

Article 23 of Law 14,790 emphasizes that casino operators must adopt identification procedures to verify the validity of players' identities. Therefore, having a good identity verification system is essential and critical at this stage.

Additionally, robust identity verification contributes to:

Fraud Prevention and User Security

Another crucial aspect of choosing an identity verification solution is its ability to prevent fraud.

With the increasing number and variety of frauds in the market, identity verification serves as a barrier to prevent these fraudulent activities. When applied, this technology significantly reduces the number of fraudsters in your casino.

However, to enjoy all these advantages, it's essential to choose the right KYC company for iGaming.

Legitimuz and Esportes da Sorte

Esportes da Sorte is one of Legitimuz's main clients, alongside OnaBet, BetVitória, and many others.

For those casinos that, like the main ones in the country, aim to comply with regulations and have an extremely effective anti-fraud technology, Legitimuz is undoubtedly the right solution.

To learn more about the company's system and how it works, click the button below and get in touch with the Legitimuz team:

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