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“SOS RS” campaign

Betano and Atlético Mineiro unite in solidarity actions to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul

To help victims of the floods in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Betano and Clube Atlético Mineiro organized two important actions to help people affected by this natural disaster. In one of them, they promoted the sale of solidarity tickets for ‘Galo's’ match against Grêmio. In another, the MRV Arena opened for team training, with proceeds collected for the “SOS RS” campaign.

Betano and Atlético Mineiro have organized the sale of solidarity tickets for the ‘Galo's’ match against Grêmio. Until the end of this Tuesday (14), the 46,000 tickets purchased through the initiative can be acquired for only R$ 10 (US$ 2). The proceeds from the sales will be donated to families affected by the "SOS Rio Grande do Sul" campaign through the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA).

"By joining forces with our partners, Atlético Mineiro, we will amplify our impact and offer greater support to families in Rio Grande do Sul. We will fill the stadium symbolically, alongside not only Atlético Mineiro fans but all Brazilians," comments Julio Iglesias Hernando, CCO of Kaizen Gaming, the technology gaming company that owns the Betano brand.

The solidarity tickets are available for purchase on the Ingresse website.

The match for the Brasileirão Série A was supposed to take place last Saturday (11), but was postponed due to the disasters in Rio Grande do Sul. The new date awaits confirmation by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). Meanwhile, the ‘Galo’ is dedicated to fostering a socially valued stance by the club and its supporters.

"This is another gesture from ‘Galo’ alongside Betano for a noble cause that we hope everyone can embrace. We know we can always count on our fans, known as our 'Massa,' to help those affected by this catastrophe," says Bruno Muzzi, CEO of Atlético Mineiro.

The Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) is the organization leading a national mobilization to assist the population of Rio Grande do Sul in various emergency fronts, including the immediate delivery of essential items from 13 collection and distribution points in the state.

"Unfortunately, we are facing another tragedy. We are mobilizing as many donations as possible. Counting on donations from Betano and other companies is essential so that we can provide basic items to the victims of Rio Grande do Sul," says Kalyne Lima, president of CUFA Nacional.

Open training at Arena MRV

Atlético's actions in support of the victims in Rio Grande do Sul are not limited to solidarity tickets. ‘Galo's’ open training at Arena MRV was a show of solidarity. The event welcomed around 32,000 fans, who attended the activity of the professional team led by coach Gabriel Milito.

The entire proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to “SOS Rio Grande do Sul”, through Instituto Galo. IG has already raised R$ 1 million (US$ 200,000) to donate to the South. The family of striker Hulk made a donation of R$ 100,000 (US$ 20,000) to also help with the recovery of the Gaúcho people.

The open training had almost 37,000 tickets sold, with a total revenue of R$ 666,090 (US$ 130,000).

Arena MRV was decorated with the Gaúcho colors: red, yellow, and green. Galo Doido, the country's largest mascot, entered the field with the flag of Rio Grande do Sul as a cape, rallying the fans. The anthem of Rio Grande do Sul was also played, and the players gathered in the center of the field before the start of training.

Atlético, through Instituto Galo and in partnership with MRV, promoted the first open training at the Arena on Saturday morning. Mobilization and unity of all collaborators to welcome the most passionate fans in Brazil and unite forces to help the victims of the severe floods that hit the Gaúcho people.

"We are here for an event of just and noble cause. It's great to see the involvement of everyone, the press, the fans, our friends. It's an event that will go down in history, no doubt. A moment to show our social concern through Instituto Galo, the largest social project in Brazilian football," says Sérgio Coelho, president of Atlético Mineiro.

Source: GMB