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Matt Sahakian, Director of B2B Strategic Projects

"BetConstruct has a tropicalized platform, result of years of interaction with the Brazilian market"

Matt Sahakian, director of B2B Strategic Projects at BetConstruct, spoke exclusively to GMB about the products brought to BiS SiGMA Americas, such as the CreedRoomz live casino with its own and adapted studios, in addition to the new games provided by Pascal. The executive also highlighted the Fastex platform and confirmed the opening of a branch in Brazil. 'Our already tropicalized platform represents a strategic opportunity for the company to position itself and establish an office in the country.'

GMB - What has BetConstruct brought to BiS SiGMA Americas?
Matt Sahakian
- BiS SiGMA represents a great opportunity for the iGaming industry, both for BetConstruct and for SoftConstruct as a group; we want to share the news about products, as well as our overview for the industry from a strategic and technological standpoint.

BetConstruct, a company technologically from the software point of view, but also from a company philosophy point of view, is constantly innovating, improving technologically; and also from a business point of view, as we have over 20 years of experience in the iGaming industry. All the accounts we have in Brazil, all our international partners on other continents, give us a very global view to know where innovation is truly a tool for success.


What are the innovations you would highlight?
When we talk about innovations that BetConstruct would like to share, I would mention four essential things: the sportsbook, which is proprietary, a differential in the industry. The live casino CreedRoomz, with an entire booth dedicated to it.

CreedRoomz is BetConstruct's live casino, with its own studios, with over 250 tables, 24/7, broadcasting in 7 different languages ??worldwide and with an adaptation, tropicalization in the Brazilian market. We have several tables in Brazilian Portuguese broadcasting 24/7 from the CreedRoomz studios. This is a very important point for the company.

BetConstruct also has another differential; it has its own mini-games because we know that the Brazilian market likes them a lot. Through Pascal, a supplier with its own dedicated booth here at BiS SiGMA Americas for these mini-games that receive updates and more content every month.

BetConstruct has innovations in sportsbook, in live casino, in content and creation of mini-games. I would like to emphasize also the Fastex (exchange) platform. It is an ecosystem, a world of crypto opportunities that we are proposing, developing worldwide. In the global market and also to connect crypto casino opportunities. This is the fourth point I want to present because it is part of the company's strategic innovation vision.

How does BetConstruct see the issue of new regulatory norms in the Brazilian market?
BetConstruct as a company is working in regulated markets, has experience in this. As a global company, it is not the first time that BetConstruct has had to adapt to a market that is being regulated. For us, it is an opportunity to assert ourselves as the reference platform in a giant market like Brazil, full of opportunities, on a platform that has already been tropicalized with all the experience of these years of interaction with the LatAm market in general, and Brazil in particular. It represents a chance for platform positioning and a strategic step to open a BetConstruct office in Brazil.

Is the opening of an office in Brazil confirmed? In which city will it be?
It is a process that the company is developing that will truly be a very strategic point in the firm's development in Latin America and the Brazilian adventure of BetConstruct. I would like to share this in more details in a few weeks, as there is still much being decided.


Does the fact that you are opening an office in Brazil mean that the country represents a great market, if not the largest, with great potential for BetConstruct?
The strength of Brazil represents BetConstruct's tropical adventure. Our tropical adventure is Brazil, and we want to share it with the Brazilian market and the operators in the country, with the Brazilian betting business. An adventure that we will experience together with the company's technology, not only with our experience but also with the taste of adapting to Brazil's tropical culture.

Source: Exclusive GMB