MIÉ 29 DE MAYO DE 2024 - 20:47hs.
Brazilian internet award

MarjoSports is among the iBest 2024 competitors in the Betting and Lotteries category

MarjoSports will compete in the iBest 2024 in the Betting and Lotteries category. The award, which is considered the biggest and most important on the Brazilian internet, is a true thermometer of the trends and great ideas that are shaping the future of the online universe. In total, there are 106 categories that feature the main national companies in each of them.

A popular vote will define the company that will occupy the rankings, from the TOP20, up to the TOP3. Voting is open, and everyone can vote by accessing www.premioibest.com.

“Being in this competition is already a great honor. It is further proof that we are on the right path. There have been more than ten years of hard work, seeking to build MarjoSports in a solid way, and offering the best experience on the market,” says Jorge Dias, CEO of MarjoSports.

“But we have the potential to be at the top, and we have a very close relationship with our client, so I believe in a good result in this vote.”

Licensed by Loterj, MarjoSports has offered this great difference in the midst of a market that is growing rapidly and creates insecurity in many customers.

“We have always been one step ahead when it comes to legalization. We follow all discussions at a national level, we seek knowledge at an international level, and we manage to fulfill all the requirements for licensing with Loterj,” recalls Caio Casé, marketing director at MarjoSports.

“We offer headache-free fun, and with the best advantages on the market.”

The iBest Award continues until November, when the five stages of the competition end and the winners will be announced. When chosen as the winner, or even Top3, Top10 or Top20, the initiative receives a certification seal granted by iBest, which increases the visibility of companies throughout the market.

Source: GMB