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Alessandro Valente, co-founder and CEO

“Super Afiliados believes in iGaming industry seriousness, and in a bright future for Brazil”

Alessandro Valente, CEO of Super Afiliados, highlighted in this interview with GMB the impressive growth of the sports betting and online gaming sector in Brazil. For him, the seriousness of the industry has boosted business and allowed the organization of fairs such as Afiliados and Gaming Brasil and BiS SiGMA, of which it is co-founder. In 2025, the event will have an extra day of exhibition and 50% more space in the floorplan.

GMB – Participating for the 10th year in Afiliados Brasil is a demonstration of confidence in the iGaming affiliation market?
Alessandro Valente –
It's not just that, but our sector as a whole, which is the fastest-growing. The betting market, for those who don't know, is one of the largest, and we affirm this with the conviction of someone who has been battling in Afiliados Brasil for 10 years, which opened the doors for this sector. We were at the first edition of the event in 2014, and we remain confident in the activity and support the organizers.

How do you evaluate the participation of Super Afiliados in the event and what were the results?
It has been great, according to our team reports. Fantastic. We are with Super Afiliados, achieving excellent results, with the BiS SiGMA stand and the Cactus stand, with whom we are partners, and the evaluation is that the event is getting better and better.

Is it an event that came to stay and mark the iGaming industry in Brazil?
Thanks to our friend, genius, master, and guru, Flávio Raimundo. This guy did something fantastic, breaking a barrier and being the pioneer. It is the only event today that has relevance in affiliation in Brazil, perhaps in Latin America.

You mentioned the BiS SiGMA stand. We recently experienced the latest edition, which was a tremendous success. What can the market expect from 2025?
If you weren't at this 2024 edition, it's essential to pay attention to the dates, which are on the website. It will be from April 7 to 10, 2025, at Transamérica again. We have 50% more space, thanks to God and Transamérica, which helped a lot.

In 2024 we couldn't accommodate all the companies that wanted to be with us, but next year will be much bigger and much more relevant, because it will be post-regulation, post-license. We will have a lot of new things to launch at this event.

The market itself has already said that BiS SiGMA Américas has become the ICE of Latin America. Can we really consider that the event has transformed?
Let's take it easy. ICE is the mother of all events in our sector. But we can say that we have grown a lot, and this evolution is not just due to our effort but a reflection of the industry itself. The entire industry ends up reflecting by having a space within our event. It is a reflection and a consequence of the industry's growth.

Especially since it is a serious industry really focused on business, right?
It is an extremely strong economic activity, and that is an important point. It is a serious industry, increasingly present in Brazil and worldwide, in sports, culture, leisure, sponsoring various teams, etc. I can affirm that it is one of the largest industries in the world, and it will certainly be in Brazil, with the licenses that will come out.

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