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Increasing number of foreign websites promotes best online casinos in Brazil

It is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone that online casinos in Brazil are getting more and more attention. And when we are talking about the media coverage of these establishments, we can’t overlook the fact that they are the ones outside of Brazil's borders. Websites from other countries are paying close attention to these online casinos and speak of them in a complimentary manner.

This speaks volumes about the work that has been done in reaching a certain level of quality but let us analyze why this increased media coverage recommends the best online casinos in Brazil.

Online Gambling Becomes More Important in Brazil Than Traditional One

The truth is often in the numbers, and they tell us that the climate in the gambling world has changed. It is obvious that on a global scale, the preferences of players are shifting more to online casinos than traditional land-based establishments; however, now we have proof that such a case exists in Brazil as well.

In a country where gambling activities revenue projections for the current year stand at nearly 2 billion USD, the online casino Brazil offers to players is responsible for 1.1 billion USD of the total revenue. This makes it roughly 56 percent of the total value, meaning that the players are more invested in online gambling. Projections are that this trend will continue to grow and that is all thanks to the following advantages that online gambling offers:

* Availability and accessibility
* Safety and security
* Bonuses and promotions
* RTP of the games

Availability and Accessibility

One of the main advantages that online casinos offer is the fact that the players can play their favorite games whenever and wherever they want. It is easy for players to make this decision, as the advancement of different games, even the lottery, is happening daily at online casinos.

The improvement in their accessibility lies in the fact that smart devices from which they are accessed (mainly smartphones) require only an internet connection to run their favorite content. The traditional land-based casino often required a certain dress code and could have a lot of people at our favorite table games. Now, the whole casino floor is in the palm of the player's hand, with an abundance of games just a couple of clicks away.

Safety and Security

We are currently living in the age of the greatest technological expanse, and businesses like this one are reaping the benefits of it. People are more open to running their lives in the online world, and they have a lot of funds and personal information on numerous websites.

Naturally, there are many attacks as hackers and other malicious people try to take advantage of them. To prevent this from happening, Brazilian online casinos are investing heavily in cyber security. This is an essential factor when players decide about the appropriate casino to play their favorite games and the ones from Brazil have great firewalls and encryption protocols.

Bonuses and Promotions

This is one of the tools that online gambling establishments utilize to attract members of the gambling community, and this implementation proved to be a lucrative one. Since there is no limitation in space when it comes to the Internet, numerous gambling websites emerged and offered their content to players.

However, some of them decided to offer certain bonuses and promotions to establish a strong connection with their customers. It paid off, as the players loved the fact that they could use a certain amount of funds, given for free, to explore a new website or application, grow accustomed to it, or even enhance those funds and earn more money.

Return to Player Value

One of the biggest factors that made foreign websites promote online casinos in Brazil could be found in the amazing Return to Player value (or RTP) of the games in these establishments. To better understand why this is so important, let us explain the importance of RTP. This value stands for the information of how much money will the game pay after a certain time of playing it.

For example, if the RTP value of a certain game stands at 90 percent, this means that the game will pay out 90 USD after a certain amount of time playing, for every 100 USD that is invested in it. These values are very high in Brazilian online casinos, which is enough for the headlines of articles on foreign websites.


The gambling world has evolved at an amazing pace, making casino operators invest in their online offers to attract a bigger audience to their content. Certain categories are more important than others, and the owners of online casinos from Brazil realized that and invested heavily.

Their great work and offers haven’t gone unnoticed, as more and more foreign websites are talking about them in a very positive manner. Another proof that great work is often recognized and awarded.