JUE 25 DE JULIO DE 2024 - 09:49hs.
Artur Ashyrov and Oleksandr Feshchenko

GR8 Tech appoints deputy CEOs to drive innovation and growth

Sportsbook and iGaming provider GR8 Tech updates its management structure with two strategic promotions: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Artur Ashyrov and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Oleksandr Feshchenko are expanding their responsibilities as the company's new Deputy CEOs.

The expansion of the top management team enables GR8 Tech CEO Evgen Belousov to be less involved in operational matters and more focused on the strategic and visionary aspects of the business, moving towards GR8 Tech's long-term goals.

The greatest challenges and opportunities arise where the interests of different functions intersect. Artur and Oleksandr have a proven track record in cross-functional projects, showcasing their deep understanding of our business. Their new roles will enable them to steer GR8 Tech toward even greater success,” states Evgen Belousov, GR8 Tech's CEO.

In their expanded roles, Ashyrov and Feshchenko will focus on identifying growth opportunities and developing actionable plans to address them. They will continue to lead the company's technology and revenue functions, ensuring a seamless transition and expanded responsibilities.

I’m a huge believer in the efficiency of cross-functional teams, having seen their ingenuity and fresh approach multiple times. Combining my CTO experience with a Deputy CEO perspective is an exciting and extremely interesting challenge. I’m eager to enhance our internal processes and deliver noticeable improvements in our SLAs, platform’s stability and performance, and so on,” comments Artur Ashyrov.

Coming from the product side, I’ve always been invested in the entire lifecycle – from profitability to process optimization. As Deputy CEO and CRO, I’m excited to implement my vision for a more efficient and innovative company-wide flow,” says Oleksandr Feshchenko.

Source: GMB