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Gildo Mazza

Hypocrisy, lack of knowledge or unexplained interests?

The closer the time comes for Brazil to give its cry of freedom and approve a serious and complete law for the opening of the gaming industry, some sectors of society are rooted in the right of owners of truth to criticize the activity. Why is TV Globo so contrary to the activity?

Hypocrisy, lack of knowledge or unexplained interests?

Much has been discussed in the last two years about the regulation of the sector by the economic importance of the activity, capable of generating more than US$ 6 billion for the public coffers. Even the government saw in the opening of the sector an interesting alternative to increase the collection. Two bills, one in each House, were discussed in Congress for the passage of a law on gambling.

Now that approval is closer than ever, with the House of Representatives ready to vote on a project that regulates casinos and with the Senate preparing to vote on the bill authorizing all forms of gambling (casinos, bingos, jogo do bicho,sports betting and online, etc.), TV Globo attacks again the activity, saying that it lends itself to money laundering. The same children’s opinion has been defended by the Public Ministry.

Do these two important actors in the Brazilian scene have done the math to understand what "money laundering" means? It is so expensive that there is no economic feasibility to do this, unlike other less costly and much easier operations such as ar tradet, parking lots, car washer and other service activities.

Why is TV Globo so contrary to the activity? Owner of Brazil's largest advertising pool, with much of the revenue coming from the government and its companies, the main TV station in the Southern Hemisphere should update itself and understand once and for all that casinos, bingos and other forms of games are nothing more than an economic activity that generates taxes and many jobs.

When they broadcast fights directly from Las Vegas, they do not say that it is the gaming’s world capital offers gaming... So why can not we have regulated activity in Brazil? Just because Globo does not want to? Just because the prosecution is retrograde and do not think we are capable of creating a serious enforcement structure? It would be better for these two entities to explain themselves better, for until now it is not possible to understand the interest in maintaining activity without a law.

We need to end hypocrisy, lies and lack of information.



Gildo Mazza is journalist specialized in gaming, publisher of Games Magazine since its founding in 1997, and has also collaborated with editions published in Italy, Venezuela, Colombia,
Mexico and Argentina.