TER 20 DE NOVEMBRO DE 2018 - 10:32hs.
Gildo Mazza
OPINION – Gildo Mazza, gaming specialized journalist

O Globo, Gaming and a paradigm shift

I want to record here the joy of the entire gaming industry and mine, in particular, by the position of Globo Organizations by yesterday's editorial in the most important daily newspaper in Brazil, O Globo, supporting the regulation of gaming in the country. This advance in the journal's position is the apotheosis of a movement that had been expected for some time, in view of some articles published in the newspaper and without the famous and misleading statements that the activity would lend itself to money laundering and other activities.

Even in other media of the communications conglomerate, such as Globo News, the sector ceased to be the "mother of all sins", with the permission for those interviewed to express their opinion in favor of the activity.

Many are still wondering the reasons for the change of opinion of Globo Organizations and the reading I have is the clearest of what is happening: the sector has managed to show that gaming is an economic activity like any other and able to generate wealth to Brazil, whether through large investments in the construction of casinos, or in the generation of thousands of jobs and billions of reais in taxes. This can not be ignored, and O Globo admits on its editorial that the R$ 50 billion (USD15bn) handled by legal and illegal gambling in Brazil may be underestimated and that there is great potential to be exploited.

Several media outlets and entities, such as Votenaweb, Legislative Assembly of Ceará, DataSenado and Spectrum Gaming, among others, have already published surveys pointing out overwhelming majority of votes favorable to the regulation of the activity and the Globo Organizations did not close their eyes to that, well as for the serious arguments of various parliamentarians and industry leaders about the benefits of gambling for society.

With great courage it admitted the change of opinion in supporting the regulation in yesterday´s editorial. Knowing that it is the most widely read newspaper in all of Brazil, Globo Organizations have taken a very important step to show the authorities that a law for the sector is the best way for the country.

Let other important media companies adopt an identical stance and assume that gaming activity is a tool for Brazil's economic growth. And that the Brazilian government and parliament listen to the main communication vehicle of the country and understand that this is a path without return and beneficial to society.

Congratulations, Globe Organizations. Congratulations, Marinho family.


Gildo Mazza, journalist specializing in the gaming industry, publisher of Games Magazine since its founding in 1997. He has also collaborated with publishing editions in Italy, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.